Burning Core
here i am burning my core material with a MAP gas torch! Yes i blew it out the first time, it stinks like melting circuit board.
usually only burns for a few seconds after the flame is taken away.


Info about my HHO Devices:

First, I am still experimenting....

I do have successful units that I make. I use all stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, 316L stainless steel wire, wide mouth mason jar & plastic lids, Goop, & I use G10/FR4 composite fiberglass for my core! This material DOES NOT MELT at all! It is the similar to what pc boards are made out of. I modified the original "WATER4GAS" design, by drilling holes in the core material; I drill inner holes for the Negative and outer holes for the Positive. The holes are drilled about 3/8" apart and 3/8" to 1/4" between Postitive and Negative. My devices have been installed in 4, 6, 8, & 10 cylinder engines. Supprisingly, only 2 of my devices are needed in the 8 and 10 cylinder engines.

I will go over everything in the CONSTRUCTING section. pics of failed devices
the first pics are using ACRYLIC material, unknown to me at the beginning, there are many types of acrylic and all have different
melting points. This type happens to be at 140° F.
the second set of pics is what happens if you do NOT change your water when needed and/or run out of water.
these pics are of about 2 months of use with barely no water in the unit. an accumulation of rust built up
and corroded the wires!. I recommend changing your water and cleaning your unit every 2 weeks (also depends on use of your vehicle).