a pic of parts used
here is a pic of parts I use in crafting the device. Notice the 316 stamped on the washers!


Crafting a HHO Device:
pics of parts used

First, I am still experimenting....
I will also be including pictures soon...
I have not found a cost effective way to make just 1 device, as pricing is much better in bulk.
First gather your supplies:

you will need the following:
    1 wide mounth mason jar ( sold in qty of 12)
    1 PLASTIC wide mouth mason jar lid ( sold in qty of 8)
    2 stainless steel bolts 1.5" long by 1/4"
    4 1/4" stainless steel washers
    2 1/4" stainless steel lock washers ( these are needed!)
    2 1/4" stainless steel nuts
    1 1/4" barbed ABS/plastic/nylon automotive elbow
    1 one -way check valve (one-way filtered or non-filtered) air valve
    1 adjustable air inlet
    1 6" piece of 5/32" nylon or plastic tubing
    1 14' piece of 316L .035 stainless steel wire
    1 21' piece of 316L .035 stainless steel wire
    2 5.75" x 2.15" x 1/8" to 1/4" core material ( these pieces are crucial, there is nothing wrong with using plexiglass BUT plexiglass is name brand acrylic! There are different types of acrylic glass on the market; you must make sure that your core material is able to withstand 270°! If not your core will melt and you will have a failure! This is where I use the G10/FR4 (compressed fiberglass)
    1 container household GOOP ( I have tried several apoxy's and other glues but all had failures-- they do not appear able to handle the heat and/or flexing the lid caused the apoxied pieces to come off)