U Kan't C Me!

The Anti-Socials!

Notes: We held our first club meeting on Fri April 4th and it was a SUCCESS! We discussed a Club T shirt, those of us that were there. Anyhow, the T shirt is below and take a look. We also have been discussing a matching buggy, so if anyone is interested let me know. I will cover the submission costs of both the male and female t shirts, no biggie. But, I don't know if I will be able to spring fer shirts fer everyone--so if you are able to afford yer own shirt, great, if not we will supply you with one.
Male Shirts$ 800 Female Shirts $800
Ok here we are! Growing Stronger & Stronger!
as of today 06/15 we have 169 members--Woo-Hoo!

Ok here we are! First club photo!
Notice how we AREN'T talking!
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Club Pic of the week!

Latest Group Photo!
Who is the green faced guy?

All members recieve any product item (made by me) available to you at cost!
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