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The Anti-Socials!

My first selection for There Club of the Week turned out to be a
very difficult decision to make. There are so many unique and very
interesting clubs throughout the world of There. As of right now there are
over 862 clubs in 17 different categories to choose from.  After countless
hours of deliberating and brainstorming I decided to go with a club that
really seems to capture peoples attention. The club I decided upon is The
Anti-Social Club. Founded by shuky on March 16th, the club has grown
significantly and very rapidly. The club now has an amazing total of 118
members and is still growing. With a group following such as this you are
bound to run into a member at some point. I'm sure everyone has come across
an Anti-Social member at least once or twice in their time here at There. It
's not that hard to spot one. Just keep an eye out for their black shirts
with their club name on the front and the attention getter "SHUT UP" spelled
out on the back in fiery red letters. With a shirt like this you are sure to
be seen and your club is sure to get the advertising it deserves.

For quite some time now I have wondered exactly what the club was about and
why it was founded. I always found it very ironic that a club that goes by
the name "Anti-Social" is filled with members who are very good socializers.
In fact, majority of the clubs members are novice-adept socializers. Even
the founder himself happens to be adept. I have been very curious to find
out exactly what is it about the club that draws so many people in. It doesn
't seem as if most people are joining because they are anti-social, since
most of these people can be found chatting very often. So if it isn't the
name, what could be the main factor people join the club? I decided to go
straight to the source for the answer to that question. I recently had the
pleasure of asking the founder of The Anti-Social Club shuky a few questions
about his club and how it was formed.

shuky: Welcome to our club house! Come on in!

Aries: Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

Aries: Shall we begin?

shuky: sure

Aries: Okay, tell us a bit about The Anti-Socials Club.

shuky: Well, I believe I started the club back on march 16th. I was talking
to someone who is also anti-social and I said I should start a club, so I
did and that avatar was the first member! But the next day she quit, dunno
why, but from there, we kept growing. Some of us are really anti-social; we
don't like conversation, unless it is about a topic or the like. Else we
stay out of it but I get incredible results whenever I have a club photo...
so we are a club for anyone who either does not do well with conversation,
or just don't like to chat too much.. but we also house members that talk a

Aries: So how do you feel about the amount of people who are in the group so

shuky: Well, I am pleased! I want more members! the more, the better

Aries: lol 118 isn't enough?

shuky: Not at all.... well, there are club benefits which I seem to find
exclusive to this club.

Aries: Tell us a bit about those benefits.

shuky: Any member gets any clothing I make at cost -- to help build their
skills, and things like that. All members also get my help designing and
tips for designing. they get to use the club house for events. and there
aren't any pre-requisites for joining the club.

Aries: That's extremely nice of you do to for your members.

Aries: Now when you started the club did you expect that there would be this
many people who consider themselves Anti-Social?

shuky: Heck-no! we were at 17 at one point in time. After that, it took off
like crazy, we average about 3 members a week now, it sort of died down but
we are still growing.

Aries: Now what do you think attracts so many people to your club?

shuky: hmmm. I think many people like the clothes at cost deal. but they
like the club shirt, and like I said before, some of us are really
anti-social and besides, I am always around to help my club members with
anything. I loan them paint guns, buggys, hoverboards, and anything they

Aries: Who designed the shirt that your members wear?

shuky: Umm, it was a group effort, jenniren, fabfourfanatic, xavena... all I
did was put their ideas together. All women too.

Aries: You guys/ladies did a very good job.

shuky: Ty.

Aries: Whose idea was it to come up with the "Shut up" that appears on the
back? Is that considered your groups motto or slogan?

shuky: I believe that was jenniren's idea. No we don't have a motto per se
it is just a catchy shirt, u can see it from far away and all and besides,
all u have to do is backpose and walk away from a conversation if it gets
outta hand.

Aries: Yeah, it does seem to catch a lot of people's attention and a good
way to advertise for the club and website.

shuky: yep

Aries: Now do you guys have any upcoming events that you would like to
announce? I saw that you recently had a race on the website, how did that

shuky: horrible... it was my second one. THERE cannot handle the amount of
people that are in the race, and lag is a major factor. The first race 24
people showed up, and it was lag city, people got teleported everywhere and
only 3 finished. So I slightly changed the rules and made partners-- less
buggys and all, and out of 17 buggies, 8 finished. So I am still in the
works of playtesting it, so it will be awhile before I hold any large
events, and there are others besides club-members who were in the race.

Aries: Now I know you are currently accepting new members, what would a
prospective member need in order to join the club?

shuky: hmm...just be themselves, I deny no-one... and I have yet to kick
anyone out... I have patience for everyone... but there were some that I had
to warn a few times. All they have to do is apply it is that easy.

Aries: So everyone is kind of guaranteed to be accepted into the club?

shuky: Precisely. If I were to deny someone membership, that would just be
rude, and who am I to differentiate between people? everyone is the same

Aries: Yeah, I can understand what you're saying. The fact that people won't
have to worry about not being accepted should ease a lot of minds.

Aries: Now in your own opinion why should people join the club?

shuky: Simply because they want to and no-other reason, unless they are
interested in the clothing benefit!

Aries: Okay, now do you have any final words for any people who may be
thinking about joining the Anti-Socials?

shuky: Well, not really, just be careful on what clubs you join, because
some clubs do not do anything, all they are is just a name. join a club that
does have events, and that also gives you benefits in the game. and talk to
the club leader if ya have any questions about the club... if the club
leader doesn't give ya the time of day, then the club is not worth joining.
That's about it.

Aries: Very nicely said. I want to thank you for taking time out of your
schedule to grant me this interview. And I'm very sure the Anti-Socials are
going to become a huge club.

I really want to thank shuky for allowing me to interview him. He is a great
guy who really does care about his club and its members. If you have thought
about joining the Anti-Socials my advice is for you to give it a shot. If
you're looking for a fun club with a great leader, then this is the club for
you. Whether you are Anti-Social or not, this club is a good group to be
apart of.  I know this interview has influenced me to want to join this
club. And hopefully it has even influenced you to join the club yourself. I
understand that most people will just want to join for the really cool
shirts, but whatever your reason is; the decision is up to you. This club is
sure to continue to grow stronger and stronger as time goes on. And
hopefully you can have the opportunity to grow with it. It has been a
pleasure finding out more about this club and I hope that you have enjoyed
it as well! Also check out the clubs website which can be found at

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