U Kan't C Me!

The Anti-Socials!


MAJORTOM:  Sorry, but for a bunch of Anti-Socials, you people send out WAY too many email invitations! 
And your leader is the worst! :)  (No offence!) I guess this club's just not for me, thanx, anyway!

SHUKY: Hey np at all and thank you for joining the club.. But i do not believe we ever met! Which is unusual because I make it a point to meet all of the members before I get them the club shirt.. Oh well, and what makes me the worst club leader? I am not sure, but I do value your opinion. And yes, as far as the emails go, we do send out way too many, but unfortunately, that is what THERE is all about, inviting people, club members to their events! And as a fellow club leader, I am sure your club members will be doing the same... ! Shuky

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